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Season opening of Amager Klassisk

I’m so excited to do the artistic direction of another season of the music society Amager Klassisk! Our programme contains sparkling music by female baroque composers, classics by Ravel &…

Bach opera in Hannover

Very excited to share that I will be spending my June/July partly in Hannover doing the musical direction (from the harpsichord) for Ensemble Filum’s Bach opera production.“Ach, Johann Sebastian B.-”…

Support from Danish Arts Foundation

Very thankful for receiving a generous working grant from Danish Arts Foundation – which will make me able to focus on creating future musical projects, chamber operas and continue my…

Corona culture // online & on hold

Due to the Corona virus all my concerts are on hold until further notice. In the meanwhile I’ll be playing baroque music in the backyards of Copenhagen as well as…

Tirsdagsbarok in Politiken

This spring has been a busy but good one! Our music association, Amager Klassisk, has created a new concert series besides the already existing “Morgenmadskoncerten”. The series is called “Tirsdagsbarok”…

Morgenmadskoncerten in Politiken

There is an article about my concert series, Morgenmadskoncerten, in the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Fall opening – Morgenmadskoncerten

Welcome to a new season of my concert series, Morgenmadskoncerten! This fall, we’ll hear beautiful Bach & Rameau played by a baroque band, brilliant string quartets by Beethoven & Mozart,…

Opera premiere, “Elskede”

Kompani Opera Mobile will premiere our new opera, “Elskede”, in Oslo on the 17th of August. A story from the 2nd world war will meet music by Jean-Philippe Rameau. Welcome!


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